Developing Talents by Asking Questions

Philip Hsi

Former HR Project Director in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Taiwan

The significance of talents is increasing as the business world foresees that AI will overflow all aspects of operation. Many organizations are striving to find new ways to develop talents. In fact, the focus should be to find an effective way to develop talents rather than just a new one. In this session, the speaker will discuss an effective talent development approach centered in asking questions. He will affirm that capability to ask powerful questions is a requirement for talent in the coming AI era.

The speaker will introduce a framework to help you identify your personal opportunities so you can sharpen your questioning skills and benefit your personal growth. He will also introduce the action learning process, which is a powerful approach to develop teams of talent even for the whole organization. Action learning helps talent to enhance capability by filling their knowing-doing gap and to learn from collective experience. It can also develop positive team working relationships, which contributes to morale and productivity.