Hybrid United: Building a Effective Culture for Working, Managing, and Leading Anywhere

Josh Davies

The Centre for Work Ethic Development (USA)

The shift to remote work during the pandemic has led to a fundamental shift in the modern workplace. Even organizations that had resisted allowing employees to work remotely had to pivot their approach overnight. As offices opened back up, the benefits of remote work led to a push for a hybrid work environment: a combination of work in the office and remotely. 75 percent of businesses believe that hybrid work will become standard practice for their company in the future. While this format appeals to workers who like the flexibility, it requires new techniques to be successful – both for workers and managers who worry about productivity. This is because two-thirds of workers had never worked remotely prior to the pandemic and organizations were unprepared for this change. In this session, we will showcase best practices from around the globe that focus on building a culture that fosters trust and productivity in an environment without direct daily supervision. Learn how talent development professionals are using both technology and humanity to build the workplace of the future and be Hybrid United!