Embracing Digital Transformation, Starting from Building a Radial Web Organization and Making Decision by Data

Claudia Wu

Trend Micro Inc., Taiwan
Senior Vice President of HR in Trend Micro Inc., responsible for Corp & AMEA region.

Cloud technology has matured over the years, and the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation across all industries. With cyber threats multiplying everywhere at faster attacking speeds, preventions and detections are even harder. Trend Micro’s mission is to fight the “bad guys,” creating a safer world to exchange digital information. To carry out this mission successfully, Trend Micro must be one step ahead of the bad guys. In 2019, Trend Micro launched the Stand Tall on the Cloud corporate transformation program, aiming to implement agile management, break product and organization silos, and encourage employees to make the best use of data and be brave to make quick decisions. In this session, Trend Micro will share their transformation journey, and you’ll learn how to:
– Reinforce digital transformation in the cloud by acting on wisdom from data, empathy for customer success, and bravery in taking responsibility.
– Build a radial web organization that breaks product and organization silos.
– Create an environment that encourages and speaks the truth.