HR Technology and Employee Experience: Utilizing technology to bring the employee experience vision to life

Shweta Bandi

Director of HR Technology & Employee Experience
Adobe (USA)

As the Senior Director of HR Technology and Employee Experience at Adobe, Shweta Bandi describes experiences as ice-cream flavors. You could be asking for half a scoop, a full scoop, vanilla or strawberry; it’s not about serving every single ice cream flavor to your employees but about serving a personalized experience to the employee in the moment that they are looking for it, to be presenting them data with action items, with a workflow.   With HR technology and employee experience (EX), HR leaders can make a difference in the company’s bottom line, engage with the right employees, get the right talent, and keep the right talent. In this session, Shweta talks about the new definition of EX, and what it’s composed of, tips and tricks to maximize EX both with and without technology, how the hybrid experience is different than the traditional one, and why employee experience is like ice cream.