Panel Discussion: HR Technologies Enable from Jobs to Skills New Generation

“Jobs” used to be the focal point for organization design. However, HR practices are being influenced by trendy digital and automation technologies so that HR practitioners gradually realize the importance of “Skills” over “Jobs”.HR can leverage AI and machine learning to identify and categorize employees’ competences, capabilities, credentials and experiences into the skill-based structure. This structure can support demand-and-supply of “talent market”, and be applied to HR operations such as learning, performance appraisal, compensation, as well as recruiting. Participants can learn the following from this panel discussion:
1. What is skill currency”?
2. What is skill-based HR management?
3. How innovative human capital management can intelligently help organizations finding talents, identifying skill gaps, and developing talent pipeline?
4. How HR practitioners can apply skill currency in developing talents, and transiting into more agile, learning & productive teams?

Jason Wang

SAP HXM Vice President

Eugene Huang

Partner, HR Transformation