Talent Management Forum


Sophia Chang

The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)
Yuanta Financial Holdings Company

Session: Talent Development Strategy

Through the example of talent cultivation project, Yuanta Financial Holdings shares the three core concepts of the talent development strategy: capability-building programs, dual career track, and intra-group mobility.

In addition to providing employees with job-related competency training, Yuanta Financial Holdings built an e-learning platform in 2002, fully opening up internal knowledge and introducing external learning resources to encourage employees to develop multiple functions through self-learning, in order to strengthen their capabilities and accumulate competitiveness for the future.

Through the dual career track system, Yuanta Financial Holdings is able to guide talented people to the right positions, continuously develop their strengths, and pass on their experience.

Yuanta Financial Holdings leverages its securities, banking, life, futures, investment trust, investment advisory, asset management, venture capital and other financial businesses to promote internal transfer of talent.

Based in Taiwan, it extends its talent advantages to overseas subsidiaries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, providing opportunities for internal mobility, and at the same time promoting the innovative heritage of Yuanta Group’s multi-experience integration.

Peter Wei

Executive Vice President
CTBC Bank | Human Resources Group

Session: International Pioneer Dreams Infinite Possibilities 

The Pandemic brought great impact to industries all over the world. Along with deviations in career paths, changes in strategic thinking, and talent mobility competition, CTBC deeply believes that “talents” is the foundation of a company. They are the driving force of a sustainable business, therefore, investing on talents can never be spared. It is our responsibility to cultivate financial talents, inherit corporate’s DNA, fulfill corporate social responsibility, and enhance the value of corporate sustainability. Now at Post-Pandemic era, it is a must to be flexible in responding to changes, continue embracing new opportunities, and nurture international talents with cross-disciplinary capacities. Ultimately, connecting the talents with sustainable enterprise and work toward a built-to-last foundation.